Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New Terrain Grading tools to crash and bash at the Lab

Today the Autodesk labs website released civil3d terrain modeller available here for download and testing for 64 bit systems only.

I have downloaded the tool and had a play for a couple of hours.

Comments so far would be.

  1. Wow
  2. It has not crashed Civil3d yet but a bit slow for some tasks. could be lack of ram or high spec video card on my part.
  3. Like the over all concept.
  4. Would still like to get the featurelines of intersections, etc. maybe I have missed it
  5. Like the 3d view editing tools wish this worked on individual vertices of a featureline as well in 3d.

1 comment:

  1. Good news that it didn't crash C3D.....perhaps the general bugginess of grading objects is being addresses at last.

    I'll download it later today and have a play over the next few days


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