Thursday, 25 August 2011

Old fashioned Linetypes with text, unreadable when given Lineweight

Been doing some water connection blowups, lately and I wanted to have a linetype with a thick lineweight in plan
and in the blowup viewport use the viewport layer lineweight override to have a lineweight a bit thinner.
But I came across an issue with our old style linetype that if you give them a lineweight the text becomes unreadable. So Googled the
problem and found these two helpful posts. Basically you have to create a linetype with the text as a true font type text object.
Note also make sure in your  .ctb file for the color that the use object lineweight is set to yes or the line will still appear thin on the print.
Came across this two helpful posts that helped me fix the problem

Monday, 22 August 2011

Civil3d and Google Plus

Just got an invite to Google Plus so am having a play around with it and looking at doing some internal training with Manycam to showing my desktop though GooglePlus.

If you are into Civil3d and have not gotten an invite to GooglePlus and would like one.  Add a comment with your written email (i.e ralstogj at below and I will send you one of the 150 invites I have to give away and maybe we can setup a Civil3d hangout if your interested.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Strange Pipe Style Behaviour

Just a reminder to myself when you have the current layer set to some thing other than 0 and use the pipe style with a line thickness set to 2.0mm
the colour of the line changes to what ever the color of the current layer not that in the style every strange.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Civil3d Points from Polyline Vertices

Reminder to myself again, this is where you go to make points from the vertices along a polyline
or if you want the points on a featureline

Civil3d Profile Band Text Override (without exploding)

No matter how hard a programmer tries they will never create a program that satisfies everyone all of the time. However
if the software designer/programmer adds overrides to allow people to achieve what they want without taking a step backwards that is always appreciated.

I case in point is the “EditlabelText” command that was added in 2009 from memory. Just type the command and select the
band text you want to change or ctrl click the label and then release everything and press the right mouse button to
see the option in your shortcut menu. The second method only works for some text objects.

The command lets you override most band text with whatever you like without exploding the ProfileView. The one downside of the method is if you regenerate
the ProfileView the overrides are removed.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mtext Dynamic Columns

Reminder to myself this is where you find the mtext dynamic column insert in the ribbon
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