Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another interesting grading example


I was doing another residential dwelling site grading last week. It seemed to take a while when with the terraced wall at the back of the site being a the hardest part. The wall on the bend followed different radius at the top of the lower wall and toe of the top wall so on the corner I had to model that with a enclosed featureline to get the bank to come out nice and smooth. For the rest of the wall I could just daisy chain grading objects together.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Civil3d 2012 Slow Performance Part 2

I have decided that it maybe the way I had the project drawings setup as traditional being a small company it one designer per project pretty much, that has lead to some really unorganised project drawing setups in the past.

A paper I saw a while ago on Dana’s blog here looked quiet interesting and had a couple of nice project flow diagrams that I thought could be extend to my project structure. So I printed out an extra large copy and went to town with the  glue stick, scissors and coloured pens.


By using a master proposed ground composite surface it seems to have helped the speed of some drawing. the done side is you have to manually go into the master and sync up any of the sub surface regions being designed under our projects. I see you can type “SYNCHRONIZEREFERENCES” at the command line to preform a sync so a lsp routine could be written to automate the job. I see in 2014 datashortcuts have been revised so this may no longer be required but I have to wait for my computer upgrade that I have ordered before installed 2014 and trying it out.

Civil3d 2012 Slow Performance


I have been watching this forum thread for a while as I have been struggling with performance issues for a while on projects.



I decided to change the settings and see if it makes any improvements to date I have not noticed any. Before I changed system variable I use the command sysvdlg to bring up the system variables dialog to research the variables a bit more rather then just jumping in and changing them.




Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The case of disappearing profiles

I had a strange scenario today when a lot of profiles in my sheet drawing went missing. On further investigation in the profileview the profile properties had not data and were sourcing data from the completely wrong surface.


It appears somehow the datasource for every profile in question got switched to source an incorrect corridor surface that had nothing in it.

Rebuilding the corridor that the surface came from put data into that surface in the model drawing that had nothing, but that did not fix the shortcuts that were looking at the completely in correct surface anyway.

I ended up manually re do all the shortcuts, just fingers crossed they do not change again.

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