Sunday, 17 November 2013

Changing Block Units

Quick reminder to myself when you define a block you can give it units mm, m , or make it unitless.

If  someone draws a block of say a title block at 800 units by 400 units and then sets the blockunits to m by mistake when the block is inserted into a drawing with the drawings units set as mm the block will be made 1000 times bigger and you will scratch your head for a while to figure it out. To change the block units use

BMAKE (not BEDIT), select the already defined block in the pull down menu. Reset the units and exit.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Aerial Capture of surface data

In the next few years it is going to be interesting to see how the capture of point cloud data will develop and now the price an accuracy of devices will develop and hopefully come down.

For us at least forking out 60K (NZD) for a GPS base station and rover just to get a bit of surface data for  design cannot be justified for the amount of use it would get.

That why back in June i read with interest an article  Photogrammetry from the sky with Recap Photo by Jack Strongitharm where he used a DJI Phantom (less than 1K) to capture aerial photos and then Autodesk Recap to generate a point cloud of a building.

I have not played with Recap myself yet so have no idea of what sort of accuracy you would great but its probably nothing that great, and for the industry we are in of green field land development I would suspect pumping in 100’s of photos of green grass would not generate a surface of much valve.

That is why it’s great to see a small company YellowScan in France working on a light weight Lidar unit to mount on drones due out in 2014 all through the accuracy is not super great it will better photogrammetry in generating a surface in a green fields situation.

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