Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Updating old Title Blocks to Work with SheetSet Manager

Just a reminder to myself to update and old title block with Sheetset Manager fields

1. Open the Titleblock in Block Editor .
2. Go to the Block Attribute you want to link to the Sheetset field.
3. Right click in the Value textbox and choose insert field


4. Go to CurrentSheetSetCustom and type in the custom property name exactly as it appears in the sheetset manager as shown both. Remember to map the connect field to the right attribute in the block


5. Save the changes to the titleblock.
6. Insert a new copy of the block in the drawing and it should update with the sheetset fields if the layout in in a sheet set.

7. Use to use express tools->block replace with the new title block with a different name but for some reason it does not update the block fields ever with ATTSYNC on not sure what going on here.


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