Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Checking and Assigning QTO items to Multiple Objects

I am just getting using QTO manager more an one thing that bugs me each time I use it is that in the assign pay item command you cannot use crossing window selections for multiple items. To assign payitems to multiple objects you have to select the objects first than go to the QTO manger and select assign pay item.


then the command line will come up with


Just press enter and payitems will be assigned to all of the objects you had selected.
To check that the items were assigned if you have roll over tool tips turned on move over the object and the payitem appears in the tooltip.

otherwise in the QTO manager select the payitem from your list of items and right click and choose select items with payitem


  1. In the office one of the project engineers asked me, "why don't you just use something like 'on-screen takeoff'"; I said, the goal of these 3D model QTO tools is 'no-screen takeoff'

  2. This is true maybe one day you will be able to model more realistic objects quickly in 3d to have an object specific take off. However it will always be a balancing act between the time taken to model versus just using dumb lines. Maybe in 20 years the civil industry will get there we are still way behind the structural and mechanical fields.


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