Saturday, 31 May 2014

Acad.lsp and Civil3d 2014

I am just getting around to updating to 2014 and had a bit of trouble getting my old lsp routines to run. To get them to run I had to set the new variable secureload to 1.

You can use the command “sysvldg” to check out what the settings for the variable mean.


As well as doing this I had to make sure the location of the acad.lsp file was listed in the autocad “support file search paths”


and ”trusted locations”


To start I only had the upper folder containing the acad.lsp file and this failed to load the acad.lsp file . This was because within the acad.lsp file I was calling other lsp routines to load in the folder one level down.

To find this load issuing I pasted the following into the command line to check the correct acad.lsp file was being loaded.

(startapp "notepad" (findfile "acad.lsp"))

Then I used the tip of putting a princ statement at the start and end of the acad.lsp file

(princ "\nLoading Acad.lsp")

(princ "\nAcad.lsp successfully loaded")

This display in command line when the acad.lsp file was starting to be loaded and if it was loaded successfully.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Winter Arriving, Construction Finishing and looking to hire

With the first major snowfall for the winter forecast for this weekend and the snow guns being fired up on the mountains midweek, it is not long until the start of the ski season.

This also marks the end of a busy summer construction season that has seen one of the larger roading projects completed in Queenstown for sometime. With 1.5km of roading and triple that amount in underground services being laid over the past 16 weeks  that has keep me busy and away from blogging much.

However being pretty much Engineer,Surveyor, Project Manager and Civil3d modeller on this job I have learnt a great deal and the best news of the lot I have to do it all over again next summer.

This the case I am on the hunt for a couple of people to join our small team in Queenstown, so if you love Civil3d and Revit and want to visit Queenstown for a year or two or make a lifestyle change drop me an email and let me know. 

Heli pic

Aerial Photo of Eastern Access Road under construction at Remarkables Park in Queenstown

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