Sunday, 29 January 2012

Complex Grading Boundary

I have been experimenting on trying to find a quick way to make a boundary around a complex assortment of grading and featurelines as shown below.


Basically the quickest way I have come up with to date is too.

  1. Select all featurelines in the drawing (using my SF command in a lsp)
  2. Isolate all the featureline
  3. Hide all the internal featurelines
  4. Close of the perimeter with temporary polyline as shown in white above
  5. Use the Lineworkshrinkwarp command to generate the boundary around the perimeter.

Better yet It would be good if Autodesk could make the interactive corridor boundary tool work with featurelines and polylines objects outside of a corridor to generate a boundary.


  1. Do you really need step 3?

  2. Nathan

    I only do that to make selecting the perimater featurellines faster. I thing if you do the shrinkwarp as every thing on screen because they have elevation you get strange results. Other suggestions welcome

  3. Pretty much how I approach this task - not ideal though


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