Friday, 18 October 2019

Google Style Search for Dwg files

No matter how organised your filing and cad standards are there will always be time spent searching for information that has been detailed before and not added to the system or showing new staff where information is located. In this vain I typed google style search engine for dwg’s in google about a month do so ago I came across a program calling Drawing Searcher by Docupoint

I downloaded the trail and installed and was impressed at the speed of the indexing and searching. The price was very reasonable as well I thought. Once set up on your server you just can direct users to go to an internal webpage and they can search all the documents quickly on all company servers and archives for what ever they are after.


Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Playlist on Youtube

Here is a link to a playlist of videos I have found useful over the years on SSA

Alt Codes for Use in Mtext to show arrows



Civil3d Transparent Surface prints Tinn Lines

Reminder to self for some reason when I pdf with a transparent hatch thru Acroplot it prints the Tinn lines in the pdf. For example.



but if I print with the plot command and select this option

it prints without the Tinn lines for example


Without the Tinn lines example


Getting Open Live Writer Picture Posts Working

To get open live writer working again and posting with pictures refer to this blog

you may get a error 403 as well. Just delete your link to Blogger and setup again.

Copy PDF text to Word keeping Line Spacing

Note to self for some reason when I copy and paste from a pdf or chrome to word I lose all the line spaces in the pdf’s text. If however I open the pdf with Microsoft Edge the line spacing remains after the copy and paste in word.


Vehicle tracking ‘’atra201_dbx failed to load’’ error

On some computers when you click a button on the vehicle tracking ribbon you will get this error


You do not have to uninstall the software and reinstall as suggested here by Autodesk I have tried and does not work)

You just have to type appload and browse to the location of the atra201_dbx file and select it and load it.

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