Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sheetset Manager Reminder

Yesterday I had to add some extra drawings to an existing job by putting extra layouts in the middle of some existing ones in one dwg.

Once you have added the new layouts to the drawing and Sheetset Manager (SSM).You can not just start renumbering drawings in SSM.

Say for example you have the layouts numbered 200,201,202,203 and then copy 201 and make a new layout so you have 200,201,201(1),202,203. If you go to SSM and renumber 201(1) to 202 things start to go to custard in SSM as a layout 202 already exists in the drawing.

To add a new 201 drawing to SSM and have everything in sync you have to renumber 203 to 204 , 202 to 203 and 201 and then renumber the layout  201(1) to 202.

Someone may know of the correct way of doing this but this is how I worked around it for now.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Custom Civil3d Pipe Rules for New Zealand Structure Drop Requirements

The New Zealand Land development and subdivision infrastructure Standard NZS 4404:201 requires that
the drop though a manhole structure should be changed depending on the angle of turn between pipes as follows and for stormwater pipes that pipe soffits should be matched to achieve the drop when pipes change in size.


Back in 2008 I wrote some custom rules to achieve this and how I have finally got round to updating them to 2012 and I have updated the rule to use the difference in incoming and outgoing pipe diameter for the drop if it is greater than the minimum drop calculated from the angle difference between pipes.

If you are interested you can download a copy of the project and rules here .If you are running 2012 they should run ok but if not you will have to recompile the rules for whatever version of Civil3d you are using.

1. First we can check if they work by chance with the 2012 build attached.
2. Go to the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2011\enu on your machine and rename the shipped xml point file C3DPiperules.xml to say C3DPiperulesShipped.xml.
3. Copy the two files attached C3DPiperules.xml and C3DCustomPipeRules.dll to the folder.
4. Close and open Civil3d and setup a new rules set you will see some extra rules in the rule dropdown list.


. Try and create a pipe network with the new rules. I suspect an error will happen at this stage if you are not using 2012 as the compiled .dll program is looking for 2012 files.

To re compile the .dll code
1. Download and install Visual Basic Express 2010 from here
. Unzip the project code file attached to your c drive as compiling code from network drives does not work.
3. Now open Visual Basic Express and open the project file and change the references as per this video

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