Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sharing Data with other CAD programs

Working in an Autodesk environment with Autocad based programs day in and day out you tend to hit a road block when it comes to dynamically working with others who utilise other cad programs these programs can usually only import some type of basic .dwg.

Case in point I am currently working with a landscape designer who is using Micro Station having no idea how Microstation work I have extract the basic finished surface data as cleanly as possible to include only the  featurline lines as 2d and 3d polylines the surface triangles, contours and labels as polylines and blocks.

To do this I

  1. QSelected the featurelines and wblocked them out to a new drawing.
  2. In the new drawing exploded the featurelines to just 2d and 3d polylines (as using the file export method explodes the featurelines into line segments)
  3. Then I wblocked out just the exploded lines as this gives a nice clean drawing without all the other surface information.
  4. Into this new drawing I copied and pasted the extracted surface information from the design drawing.

Hopefully this gives them a nice clean drawing with only the design information from us that they need.


  1. This method works for me also - generally just extract the triangles and wblock them to new dxf

  2. Try exporting to ArchiCAD.... yikes!

  3. Nathan

    I have not done the export but the import not much fun. I must say I used ArchiCAD for a year or 2 and it was very good program well ahead of Revit at the time (2002)I guess the gap will of closed a bit now.



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