Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another couple of good AU papers on Grading by David Garrigues

The reason I was looking at waybackmachine the other day was to track down the code that David Garrigues demoed in his 2008 AU paper for doing temporary work planes surface. Could not download it from the archived community site.

But found an AU site with the 2008 papers. You can download the code and video presentation which are worth a watch for those doing grading. The paper does not download for some reason.

Also David’s presentation from 2010 is very good

Just have to upgrade the grading code to for 2012 unless some else has and wishes to share it.


  1. I can't see the code for download....

  2. Neil

    The code was about halfway down in the comments but as Jeff referred to in the forums

    It is shipped with the program now. Have tried to convert to .net with no luck as of yet.

    1. For those interested Jeff has post the C# code here for download


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