Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It’s Official I am off to AU this year

Been off the radar recently finishing off a job, but had confirmation last week that the paper I submitted for AU has been accepted this year so its off to Las Vegas in November.


It will be great to meet with people that I have corresponded with over the last 5 or 6 years since picking up CIvil3d if attending and see what the atmosphere is like with 1000’s of CAD users in the one place.

Here is a summary of my paper

General Class Information

Class Title Help Urban Infill Subdivision - Lot grading on restricted and steep terrain

Class Description Help With the restricted supply of urban land and increasing cost, developers are using land for subdivision that was once considered unsuitable, leading to smaller more complex projects on restricted footprints. In this class we will look at numerous case studies of grading small lots involving the use Civil3d since 2007 and grading, corridor and pipe objects. We will review one persons workflow for getting the job done when Civil3d is pushed to the extreme.

Class Type Help Lecture

Audience Level of Expertise Help Intermediate

Content Type

Advanced Training, Case Studies

Target Audience Help

This class intended for the end user working by themselves or in a small team working mostly on small projects. To assist in developing strategy's to achieve lot grading successfully on smaller complex projects with limited time and budgets.

Audience Type Help

End User

Key Learning Objective 1

Identify key site features and Civil3d objects required to model those features

Key Learning Objective 2

Be able to applied grading and corridor objects to generate complex finished surfaces

Key Learning Objective 3

Structure small projects efficiently to limit software issues

Key Learning Objective 4

Be able to export grading feature data in a user friendly format for site

Class Details

Audience Industry Segment

Civil Infrastructure

Audience Occupation/Profession

Civil engineering technician, Civil engineer, Civil Engineering management, Drafter, Landscape architects / urban planner, Other engineer, Quantity Surveyors & Estimator

Primary Track Help

Civil Infrastructure

Secondary Track Help


Primary Autodesk Software Help

AutoCAD Civil 3D

Additional Autodesk Software Help


What else would you like to tell us about either your class proposal or speakers that might influence us to choose your class?
(e.g., past AU class of which you are proud, project you are currently working on)

This paper this an extension of the paper I presented in New Zealand which I published on my blog here http://c3dxtreme.blogspot.co.nz/2011/05/urban-infill-subdivision-lot-grading-on.html which continues to be one of my most popular blog postings

Class Speaker



Participant Role

Justin Ralston



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