Monday, 23 July 2012

Creating Symbolic Link to Network Drive for xref and Dropbox

Working with one of our guys who is based remotely and just works from his local machine. To share data we are pushing it and pulling it down from dropbox. To get the xref path names the same I have setup a symbolic link to map a folder from my local machine to a network folder as per the post here
Run it to a couple of issues in setting it up
1. You have to run the command prompt as administrator by right clicking the shortcut to launch the prompt and selecting run as administrator.
2. You do not create the folders first as the mlink command does that for you and push up an error if the folder is already there.
mklink C:\Data\ \\FP-SBS2K3\Data\Dropbox\ /d
I should probably be using relative pathing for the xrefs and that would avoid the issue.
Update: To remove a link without deleting your folders use rmdir

Update2: Had to set up some new links and if there is a space in the folder path name an error is given put quotation marks around the path in this case.

mklink E:\Dropbox\Civil3d\ "\\STATION10\Server Data\F-Drive\Civil3d\" /d
mklink E:\Dropbox\LDD-DATA\ "\\STATION10\Server Data\F-Drive\LDD-DATA\" /d

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  1. I have a similar issue when working on my laptop away from the office and no network access but I have used the old DOS command SUBST which accomplishes a similar thing


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