Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Adding Geotagged photos to Google Earth

Been looking for an app to add geotagged photo references into civi3d, I want to add the location, direction and name of shot recorded with the procamera app on my iphone to the plans for site process reports. I found this one but its in German.​=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL475BD43308E6F6E4

It looks like it does a nice job of placing a marker direction triangle and name in the youtube video. I am trying to find out if guys do an English version and if it will work in New Zealand.mvhezoy3

In the interim I will continue to use the free app Geosetter to get and image of the shot directions

Then export from Geosetter to a Google Earth .kmz to get an image with the photo names.


Note you can just email someone the .kmz file you have created and if they have Google Earth loaded and double click on the file, Google Earth is opened and markers with thumb nails images are available. Seeing most people still like to use to old school hard copies I just paste everything into a word document for them.

(for Mac there is HoudahGeo that pastes into GE in one step)


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