Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Section View Elevation Range - Help useless or command not working

Posted this in the Civil3d forums with no replies maybe some of you guys know the answer

For the life of me I can not figure out how this command is meant to work. We do a lot of work in hill country and i thought I should use the user specified height range to follow the corridor (assuming at centre line elevation) and set the height to say 5m to get uniformed section 2.5m high and low from the corridor centreline level but I just get rubbish. Can some explain how this command is meant to work as the help is useless.

Here are some pictures of what I am doing


Now does it get 370m? when the road is a more like 382m?




  1. Justin,

    As I understand the User Specified Height option, you are setting elevations that bracket the profile elevations. Any profile elevations that are above or below the max/min show as empty sections in the section views.

  2. Justin,

    Scrap that last comment.....I misread your question. Thanks.

    1. Had and email from Autodesk today to say that this is an known issue and is on the list to be fixed.



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