Friday, 30 March 2012

DataShortcut Setup

Some one in the Civil3d forums asked for help now to setup different project with data shortcuts so I though I would post this guide a wrote for myself a while back. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry that is what happens when I cut and paste from word to live written sometimes.

1.First we to “set the working folder” think of the working folder as the “client folder” for example the working folder for one client Remakables Park is:- Z:Jobs 0000-9999/5814 Remarkables Park


To set the “working folder” either go thru the general menu or right click on the datashortcuts item in prospector


2. Next we have to do one of two things either


i. Set up a new “Data Shortcut Folder” think of this as one of the job folders for that particular client. For the Name type in the job number, If you use the template this sets up all the folder structure in the job as per the Aireys standard or the shipped civil3d standard


ii. “Set the Data Shortcuts Folder” anyone “working Folder” (i.e client folder) can have any number of jobs that have separate datashortcut files or a common datashortcuts file that is referenced regularly by numerous jobs for that client.

By default as soon as you set the “working folder” (i.e client folder) Civil3d detects all the “datashortcut folders” contained within that “working folder” (i.e client folder). By default Civil3d makes the most recently created “datashortcut folder” inside the “working folder” (i.e client folder) the current one being viewed in prospector. As shown below:- Note the create reference option is greyed out until you save the drawing.

“Working Folder” current “Datashortcuts Folder”



Typically on a bigger project the current “Data shortcut” will not be set automatically to the common “Data shortcut” folder that will have been created way back at the beginning of the project. To change the current “Data shortcut” folder right clicking on the Datashortcuts Row. A menu pops up with a number of other options click the “Set Data Shortcuts Folder” and the following dialog is displayed just choose the name of the folder that you want to is as the current “datashortcuts folder”



When you receive any existing topo of as built data save a copy in this folder and create datashortcuts from those drawings so that they can be used in your design drawings but you original data remains untouched in this folder.


If you are not sure where I surface is sourced from select surfaces and then in panorama you see the path at the end.


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