Monday, 26 March 2012

Model that SSA, Yes it can

Back in November last year I posted an interesting wastewater distribution manhole I was designing with a leading question “Model that SSA”.

I did eventually figure out a way to model the distribution manhole in SSA by breaking it down into 5 smaller models one to represent each pipe run from the wastewater settling pond to the appropriate distribution swale at a different elevation through the valve chamber


Once the geometry was defined it was easy enough to create the SSA models for each pipe run.


Over the last few months the job has been built and last week we commissioned the system.

Swale pipes and valve pit under construction


To check the actual discharge flows were within permitted levels, when the solar powered actuator controlled valves (left) were opened the design flow was checked against the actual flows using the built in flow meter (right).

SSA had estimated the flows at 13l/s where the actual flows recorded were 9.5 l/s to 11l/s depending on the swale and the number of holes in the swale distribution pipe. This was within the 20 l/s limit set by the regional council.


  1. Awesome story Justin! Great work and glad it all worked out (if not to the _exact_ numbers calculated. :D )

  2. Thank Nathan

    It was very satisfying to see it all working.



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