Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Graphical Corridor Overrides Removing

I am a fan of using the ctrl key and clicking on links in the cross section editor to display the grips that let you drag and edit batter etc graphically to match up to key points on the existing ground surface.
If you are in the cross section editor however and graphically edit a section delete links, points etc, your are no longer able to edit any information in the parameters editor.
I remember this from an Autodesk DVD from about 2007 when the guys that actually wrote the program demo it and explained that this happens.

Now there is no blinking remove overrides button in the cross section editor. So how do you remove your graphical editing of corridor’s cross sections so you can revert back to using the parameter editor dialog box?
Go into the corridor parameter editor. Scroll over to the columns that are always hidden off to the side that you forget about.
Find the region that you have applied overrides to in the list and there in column called overrides click on the button with three dots.
From here you will be able pick and choose the overrides you want to delete or delete all.
Aside to self
This actually did not resolve the issue I had with this particular corridor.There was another issue I had split the corridor into two regions with the split tool and it made the end and start chainages of the new regions the exact same chainage. This being the case you could not apply overrides to this section so I had to do the old trick of subtracting a 10mm adjustment off the end chainage of the first region and then you could apply overrides to the start section of the next region.

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