Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Civil3d 2012 Preview

Got invited to join in on the Autodesk Bloggers preview of Civil3d 2012 this morning thanks to David Mills at Autodesk and
Chris at civil3d reminders who is a much faster blogger than I am and has put up a number of screen captures of what was shown on his latest blog post.
I number of great improvements in roading and super elevation for the roading guys out there.
Excellent new tools for managing your styles, importing, exporting, purging and conflict notification and over writing and deleting abilities that I know everyone will enjoy. These are apparently fully accessible from the .net API so should be able to do batch purging to get those old file sizes down and cleaned up.
New ability to create a pipe network directly from council GIS .shp file data and new catchment objects. None of the demonstrators were sure if the catchments objects can be linked to outlet structures yet for your analysis but hopefully they can as I know I waste a lot of time doing this manually.
Improved surface banding can set an interval for the bands now. Still not sure if you can save the color scheme like you use to be able to back in 2008 forgot to ask about that one.
Corridor Sections work thru intersections now and you can have more than one baseline in a section view.
Personally asked about any improvements on getting pipe invert levels at structure walls and true pipe grades and also accessing this data in labels and bands. Apparently a new rule has been created to join pipes to the outside of structures and give this data but not seen as a major improvement this release. Hopefully we can get this data in the labels and bands.
Forgot to ask about any .net API improvements particularly for Pipes and Profileviews so will have to wait for the official release and read the help.

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