Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tips for working with Corridors

Being a Jack of all trades I tend to be to some grading one minute, piping the next and corridors the next month. Last week i as doing some more corridors again for the first time in a while so jotted down some tips below to remember for next time.

1. To stop the event view from coming up each time the corridor rebuilds turnoff the event view in the drawing settings.

2. Once you can get alot of regions in a complex corridor from within the corridors properties box use the select region button to find the region you want.

3. Have not gotten my work flow down yet for footpaths but at this stage i am using the urban side walk assembly and have polylines as targets on two separate layers one for the inside berm and one for the sidewalk width. This made it quicker to set the targets by layer not individual objects. Two issues came up

a.  If you get a lot of extra frequency lines as below

this is because you are targeting the polyline and the arcs in a polyline get tessellated into small straights. Make sure under frequencies “Offset Target Geometry Points” is set to no.

b. I though it would be nice and tidy to join it the polylines to together for the path edges this created another issue of the targets extending to the next road over. Best to keep the lines in pieces.
4. I inherited the model  to finish and it had all these steps in the contours after the intersections. After searching for a target profile issue for a hour or so I identified the issue as being the main road having 4% crossfall and the intersection assemblies being brought in as having only 3% therefore giving the step.


5. Use the Match Properties button on the ribbon, but remember to type settings each time at the commandline as the settings are not remembered and you do not want to swap assemblies in most cases just match frequencies.


6. For Bus stops use lane widening's these will update your offset alignment geometry to include your busstop. After selecting the offset alignment choose add widening on the ribbon. Here what all the settings relate too.

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  1. Some good reminders in there Justin. I always forget about the select region button and the match parameters.

    Thanks for the post


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