Sunday, 23 September 2012

Constructing Kerb Return Profiles based on quarter points

When building Intersections Civil3d gives you only one option for the shape of the kerb return profile a straight line or grade.

Rob Gadbaw who use to to be located in New Zealand and still provides support to us remotely has teamed up with the guys at CGSplus and have made a small app to create better create return profiles here. base on quarter points.

If you are not into purchasing third party apps then are some notes on what you have to do manually to achieve the same result.0p35ljtk_thumb1
New profile in white with incoming and out coming grade projected to quarter points.


New Vertical Curves Added at the quarter points
A couple of things to remember are that.

1. You should hold off to the end before making the final manual kerb return profiles encase the road intersections get moved.
2. Do not extend your kerb return profile to far past the PT just to the first end point snap next along the profile from the PT as this is the end of the triangle in the surface. If you do make the profile to long it starts to play around with your surface to much and does not match offset profile levels exactly
3. To check that the surface coming into and out of the kerb return is correct use the isolate region command on the ribbon just to see the bit of the surface made by the region before and after the kerb return section and compare that to your hand drawn profile.

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