Sunday, 16 September 2012

Adding a Subgrade Profile to a Profile View

There are a couple of ways I know of how to add the subgrade levels of a road to a ProfileView.
One of them is dynamic and will update with changes and the other is not.

Depending on what data you want in the ProfileView bands Subgrade or Finished levels will dictate the method you choose and if it is dynamic or not.

This is where the business case for a Dynamic Offset Profiles to be built into Civil3d comes into play as these could be used to create a road Subgrade Profile and they would live update. 

For now we have to use one of the following to methods

Method One (Dynamic but no grade and curve data in profile bands just surface levels & grades)
Create a subgrade surface from the corridor model bottom links and then create a surface profile of the subgrade surface.


Method Two (Not Dynamic)
Copy the Finished level profile and then raise and lower the new profile the depth of offset you want as follows.



Seeing this method is not dynamic it could be a good idea to add a profile of the subgrade surface with a noplot style to the ProfileView to compare against so any manual updates are picked up in the future.

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