Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Using Alignments & Profiles to mimic standalone Sections

For a while now I have been using Alignments and Profiles to mimic individual section lines through sites when multiple sections are overkill.
I have always had an issue with labelling the key crossing points of featurelines or other key lines in the profile or section bands.

Coincidently Peter Thompson and myself were having a discussion offline on the subject of section labelling a while ago, but we did not get very far so Peter posted the subject in the civil3d forums here. Where Tim suggested using sections made from polylines that has vertices points at each intersection point that is to be labelled.
The same principle works for Alignments as well by adding a horizontal geometry points at the crossing line intersections.
And then turning the display options on for the profile view and bands.
To speed up the process of adding the intersecting vertices to a polyline (to then converting it to an alignment), I have been looking for a built in function in Autocad to do the job but have had no luck. I did find find this utility here that does it.

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  1. A two step process, but you can use the Map Clean Up tool to break the lines and then join them.


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