Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dropbox and Sheetset .dst files

Been working with a project team through Dropbox, just something you need to be aware of with Autocad and sheetsets is the setting SSMAUTOOPEN .
Your team should all have SSMAAUTOOPEN set to 0. or when anyone on the team  opens a drawing linked into the sheetset .dst it will open  and it maybe already opned by ours others and dropbox will get a load of conflicting .dst files.


  1. Robert Plake-Senior Designer-Big Red Dog20 August 2014 at 13:39

    Justin, Thanks so much for this, we are using dropbox as a virtual server. My question is do you know of a way to end the conflicted copies for the drawings themselves? When we are in a dwg and another user opens it, it does not notify us and/or open a read only copy. It simply lets you in and saves a conflicted copy. Nightmare!

  2. We work as small teams two or three so normally know who is doing what. One of the guys use to look to see if autocad has written a .dwl file into the Dropbox folder as an indication of if some one is in the drawing. I do not know if this works all the time. It would be easy enough to write some code that is linked to the autocad open file event that looks to see if the file is stored in a dropbox folder and then writes a text file saying file saying xyz is opened by John Smith and then have some code linked to the close file event that removes the message once the file is closed. I may have a try and if I find some time.

    1. Robert Plake-Senior Designer-Big Red Dog21 August 2014 at 07:29

      That would be beyond useful! Let me know if youre able to do that. Thanks again!


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