Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Remapping Sheetset Drawings after the beloved Civil3d Recover

If you are like me the civil3d recover just seems to be a fact of life. Sometimes I am just lazy and truck on in the recovered drawing without renaming
until I have finished the job and then go back and rename files and clean up the project folder. This caused me a headache the other day with sheetset manager
as shown below the in sheetset manager below. The drawing file with the layouts could not be found which was represented with a red question mark.

To remap the drawing file I had to right click on the sheet go into properties and bring up the dialog box below.
Now I thought like the xref manager I would just click in the “Found Layout” box but this did not work. I had to
click in the “Expected Layout” box and the button with three dots comes up. Browse to the correct drawing and load the sheet again.
I had to do this for each sheet separately, there must be a better way but this is how I solved the problem for now.

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  1. The solution is to use Sheet Set Manager to rename the files, that way it's involved and knows the new name. The ability to rename the file is at the same place as the Renumber command. Although I usually ignore the first part of the command also.


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