Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Zealand Civil3d Event

Just returned from the 2 and half day Civil3d event that KarelCad held in Auckland, New Zealand. About 50 attendees and
a good cross section of presenters including 3 from last years AU event in Las Vegas.

A shame to see no one from Autodesk’s Civil3d team at this years event to meet real user’s pushing the product to breaking point
on a variety of projects.

I attended an:-

Interesting talk by Michael Martin from Fox and Associates on how they have been using survey point cloud data collected on
buildings affected in the Christchurch earthquake, to fit planes to the faces of buildings and check there verticality. Also interesting to see the power of the
Trimble point cloud software and what the future could hold.

Great talks from Kevin and Peter from Opus on road corridors and intersections, also another in depth presentation on using pipes in Civil3d by Peter Thompson and
Bryce Bines on advanced corridors and the labs assembly builder.

I am sure everyone at the event picked up a number of gems of information on how to use Civil3d more productivity and are now hard at work
getting the most they can out of Civil3d.

Here’s looking forward to the next event. Keep it up Rob,Shane and the team, I am sure us Kiwi’s are some of the most challenging Civil3d users to work within the world.  




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