Sunday, 30 June 2013

Policing Drawing Standards

About 6 months ago we had a new staff member come on board who has returned from Australia and he has mentioned a couple of products that his former employer had to use in working with one of their large corporate clients that sounded interesting.
CADconform and Enforcer for Microstation
and on the structural side of things they were using
Tedds which I had not heard of to produce their calculations as everything had to be typed.
I would be interested to hear what other packages are out there that companies use.


  1. CAD Standards Manager by CAD Masters is another great product. Not so much of an enforcement tool, but a way to import standards from a database. Basically all of your CAD Standards go into a SQL database for importing when needed. The database will hold layers and properties, dim/text/ML styles, Details, blocks, symbols, linetypes, etc. and even Civil 3D Styles.

    There are tools in the package that allow you to compare a current drawings settings against the SQL database as well to see what is standard and what is not, also allowing you to make those adjustments as needed.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the suggestion just checked out their website and the product looks very good. Have requesed a trail version to try it out.

  3. Awesome. There are quite a few videos on the software as well. Anyone that understands CAD and standards will easily be able to see it's power.


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