Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dynamic Pipe Invert Profile Tool

I know a lot of you out there trace in a pipe invert profile line to get your pipe profileviews and bands producing the information you want. This work around has been in use since 2007 when pipes were introduced into Civil3d and has always been a pain and something Autodesk should address.

Peter Thomson and myself have talked for years about creating a tool to do it automatically. I got part the way there a few years back but never finished it. So recently Peter has been working with Chris Fugitt over at Civil3dReminders to come up with a neat little tool to do the job automatically.

By the way if you move the pipe the invert profile line updates automatically.

Here is a video Peter emailed over the other day demonstrating the tool. Surprising what a bit of can do attitude can achieve.




  1. That's pretty slick!! Thanks for sharing. Will that be available on the Exchange Store?

  2. Steve

    At this stage Peter's company has contracted Chris directly to undertake the work. I have suggested that to recover some of the costs they should look at putting it up on the app store. Failing that I am sure someone could reserve engineer a similar solution.

  3. Actually I think many of the concepts used in the program can be found in previous blog posts on Civil 3D Reminders and the old Civil 3D Reminders Pack. It's been refactored into c# and some additional improvements have been made.


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