Wednesday, 24 October 2012

River Rock Void Ratio Confirmation

Been really busy at the moment so have not been posting as much as i like. Anyway this is a non Civil3d post that maybe of interest to some. I was designing a detention pit/chamber the other day and had no idea of what the likely void ratio of the rock material available would be. So I looked into it theoretically for spherical stones here and then once on site measured the actual void volume of some sample rock.

Sample Rock available was 40mm and above Clean River Run sourced from a local river


Test Procedure


To calculate the percentage void volume in the sample rock fill to be used in the proposed detention pit a 14litre bucket was filled with a sample of the 40mm and above Clean River Run and water was poured into the bucket to fill the voids from another bucket of known volume the percentage of voids filled with water was then calculated as follows

Round Bucket Volume

Pi(0.25)^2/4 * 0.28 = 13.7 litres

Volume of Water from Square Bucket

0.23*0.23*0.13 = 6.877 Litres

Percentage Void Ratio =6.877/13.7 =49%

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