Thursday, 11 October 2012

Adding Additional Properties to Pipes and Structures

About a month I go I was playing around with partbuilder trying to add additional properties to pipes in my catalogue to improve our pipe labels and did not have much luck.

However Kevin posted an interesting couple of articles the other day with a link to a BeingCivil post on how to do it.

So I have revisited the problem with this new knowledge  and have been able to add a Stiffness Class as well as Material type to our PVC pipes and labels. I was able to get it to work following the Being Civil instructions with a couple of extra bits of information.

1. If you pipe catalogue is in a common network location the .xml file you adjust is in that location not on your local drive.
2. If you are in Civil3d while you are changing the xml file you will have to shut down and restart to have the new xml file loaded into Civil3d.



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