Monday, 7 May 2012

Too AU or not to AU that is the question?

Looking at going to AU this year seeing I have collected enough airpoints on the old visa. Would like to do a paper on something but have to submit it and get it accepted first. Paper Ideas have to be submitted by 22 May 2012.

Here is a list of ideas I came up with for NZAU last year number 2 and 3 made the cut in the end. Anything look interesting? or any other ideas come to mind from my previous blog posts? I maybe a bit rusty on the programming side as have not done any for a couple of months.

1. The Pipe Paper I did for NZAU 2009 but that needs a rework and is bit old now (for me anyway).
2. Urban infill subdivision lot grading on steep terrain. One persons workflow for getting the job done when C3D grading is pushed to the limit.
3. Six time saving tools in 60 minutes. So you know how to open vba or but what can you do with it. Step thru the creation of 6 time saving tools in vb.

Label assemblies in one click
Swap pipe parts in profile view
Points from text - take those old 2d drawings and make them 3d
What point groups is this point a member of
Editing Parcel labels on import to remove unnecessary naming information (Land online)
Tips and tricks for Controlling the user interface

4. Piping at maximum Velocity. Create a VB project so that after three clicks your long sections (ProfileViews) are done.
5. Subdivision modelling my way as they are not highways.
6. Modifying the UrbanSideway assembly with VB to include topsoil depth for berms and to generate a turn bottom links surface for bulk excavation.
7. ProfileView Generator - Create a tool in VB to generate multiple Profileview in one click, store and save setting for generating various ProfileViewtypes in the one drawing with the same click.
8. Write your own custom pipe rules in
9. Introduction to vba,, lsp?
10. Master those layers my tips and tricks for working with all those layers in Civil3d
11. Catchment Modelling with Storm sewers and Parcels
12. So you want to use Vault this is what I know
13. Modelling Watermains and Pressuremains with Epanet and Civil3d Pipe Networks
14. How I Structure projects to be a jack of all trades

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  1. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 11 all spring out at me as great topics. 3 and 4 especially
    Well they're all great, but those are the greatest. :-)

    Good luck with your AU decision Justin.


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