Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mtext Dynamic Columns

Reminder to myself this is where you find the mtext dynamic column insert in the ribbon


  1. Dynamic columns are nice, but I've experienced some issues with them. Default mtext has it turned on, and I've had issues with mtext that has it on, but only has one column. For some reason, after saving and reopening, the text readjusts itself everytime you reopen. The only solution I had for it was to explode to single line text. Not sure if this is an issue with C3D 2010, or something else. Have you experience this?

  2. Steve, I am just really starting to use these in Civil3d 2011, I will check the drawing to see if I am having the same issues as you.

  3. Steve

    I have played around with te drawing and the mtext with column and everything seems ok.



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