Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Civil3d Profile Band Text Override (without exploding)

No matter how hard a programmer tries they will never create a program that satisfies everyone all of the time. However
if the software designer/programmer adds overrides to allow people to achieve what they want without taking a step backwards that is always appreciated.

I case in point is the “EditlabelText” command that was added in 2009 from memory. Just type the command and select the
band text you want to change or ctrl click the label and then release everything and press the right mouse button to
see the option in your shortcut menu. The second method only works for some text objects.

The command lets you override most band text with whatever you like without exploding the ProfileView. The one downside of the method is if you regenerate
the ProfileView the overrides are removed.


  1. Have you considered using a profile label set for the band label? Would that help with the overrides not holding?

  2. Tommie

    I have tried hanging profile labels, but the issue I come up aginst is that some of the information I want is not available and it makes the workflow quite complex for some people that struggle to just understand Civil3d let allow having to do workarounds as well. Thanks for the suggestion throu.


  3. thanks for the tip! saved me lots of time!


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