Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Updating Old Textstyles to annotative Textstyles in xrefs

In working on projects that go on for a long period of time you will end up wanting to xref in some old services as builts into new design drawings. Depending on the age of these as built dwg’s they will probably not have text objects created with annotative textstyles.

If you have solid company standards and textstyle naming conventions that have been in use for same period of time you can just update your textstyles in your template to be annotative and then create a new standards file and run the checkstandards command to update all the old textstyles to be annotative.

If you do not have standard textstyles create some I typical have styles name txt2,txt3,txt5,txt7,txt9 where the number is the height of the text in paperspace in millimetres.
Now you have to update the text objects in the drawing manually to the correct annotative textstyles. To do this:-

1. Do a purge to purge all Textstyles not in use in the drawing.
2. Press Ctrl+2 to open design centre import the annotative Textstyles from your template file.
3. Determine the predominate scale in use on the drawings by looking at what scale the viewports are using in the drawing. Also check the viewport annotative scale is the same as the viewport scale.
4. Change the annotation scale to the predominate scale.
5. Select a text object press Ctrl+1 and look at the text height determine the height in paperspace

Height in Paperspace = Text Height   x 1000
6. Determine the Height in Paperspace 2mm = a Textstyle = Txt2 for example.
7. Right click choose “Select Similar” this will pick all the text objects of the same height and layer goto the properties window and change the textstyle to the correct Txt style.

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