Wednesday, 8 December 2010

AUv Feedback

Well a couple of weeks ago I had a go at Autodesk University Virtual for the first time. I am afraid to say that it was a bit of a disaster in the factor that I only managed to catch one virtual presentation. I guess the feedback I have for the powers at be is :-
1. Not everyone lives in the US and therefore the figuring out of the timing of classes in you local time zone is a mission. The virtual site needs an Gadget that detects your local time zones and does the conversion of the times of classes automatically for you. (I did like the count down for the workshops then at least I knew how long I had to wait for something to start).
2. The browsing of virtual classes was also poor who scrolls side ways. The lack of a search function for class numbers to quickly add classes you wanted to watch to your tracks was a pain.  Therefore it was time consuming to hunt down the classes you wanted.

3. The changing of class times at the last minute meant I missed a couple of classes.
4.  Downloading of the outlook calendar appointments did not work for me as I am running 2003 at work I presume. I would of been interested to know if outlook would of done the time conversion for me. Also not everyone runs outlook therefore a function on the virtual webpage would probably be better foe everyone.

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