Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Automatically Label those Road Assemblies quickly

I am a great believer in the 80/20 rule and Civil3d seems to follow this to a tee. For example 80% of civil3d objects have a labelling style and 20% of them do not. One example of those objects that do not are assemblies and sub assemblies. Anyone that works with Civil3d on a daily basis will know the hassle when  you take over someone’s corridor model and have to figure out what assemblies are what. Tony on his blog tonyscivil3dworld gave a great tip at the beginning of the year of how to label assemblies with mtexts with fields.

As I am what one could call a lazy drafter and do not like to sit there doing time consuming labelling. I searched the web for now one could add the labels to assemblies automatically and sure enough on Kean Walmsley’s blog he gives and example on now to add labels with .net so I have combined the two tips together in the following vba code for 2010 to do the labelling automatically. Here is a link to download the vba code
and here is quick video demonstrating of what the code does
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and here is a link on how to embed a video with jing for those that are interested.

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