Sunday, 11 January 2015

Random Pieces of Corridor Disappearing

Just a quick reminder to myself.

When I re entry some cross section drawing random pieces of the sectioned corridor model seem to have disappeared. Similar to the image below where half of the corridor on the right has gone.


The corridor section xref into the section drawing is still there but however for some reason the corridor is not sectioned anymore under the sample line sections. To fix this issue do the following.

1.Go into the sample line sections and right click and choose sample more sources.

2.Reselect the corridor model and click the add button to generate the sections again.

3. Now I notice in our template (anyway) that all the random corridor sections disappear and we have nothing. To make the corridor re appear you have to go into the section group properties and change the section style to the “basic” one and exit the corridor sections will reappear. Now repeat the above and change the style to the one we want and all will appear to be correct.  This has to be done for all corridors and and every time the drawing is existed and re entered. I real pain in the ###.


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