Saturday, 31 May 2014

Acad.lsp and Civil3d 2014

I am just getting around to updating to 2014 and had a bit of trouble getting my old lsp routines to run. To get them to run I had to set the new variable secureload to 1.

You can use the command “sysvldg” to check out what the settings for the variable mean.


As well as doing this I had to make sure the location of the acad.lsp file was listed in the autocad “support file search paths”


and ”trusted locations”


To start I only had the upper folder containing the acad.lsp file and this failed to load the acad.lsp file . This was because within the acad.lsp file I was calling other lsp routines to load in the folder one level down.

To find this load issuing I pasted the following into the command line to check the correct acad.lsp file was being loaded.

(startapp "notepad" (findfile "acad.lsp"))

Then I used the tip of putting a princ statement at the start and end of the acad.lsp file

(princ "\nLoading Acad.lsp")

(princ "\nAcad.lsp successfully loaded")

This display in command line when the acad.lsp file was starting to be loaded and if it was loaded successfully.



  1. Simply set the path to be e.g. C:\Autolisp\... ((i.e. three full stops after the backslash) and all child folders will be searched

  2. Hey Justin,

    I have a post on this from a while back you may find helpful, especially with the trusted paths. If you're rolling out a system to several users, adding in the desired trusted paths can be annoying if you have many to add, so I wrote a lisp routine to help with that. You can find it here - maybe you'll find it helpful.

  3. Thanks for the tips guys I will have a look into my options. I really need too clean out the lsps routines I use as some of them I load and do not use anymore.


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