Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another interesting grading example


I was doing another residential dwelling site grading last week. It seemed to take a while when with the terraced wall at the back of the site being a the hardest part. The wall on the bend followed different radius at the top of the lower wall and toe of the top wall so on the corner I had to model that with a enclosed featureline to get the bank to come out nice and smooth. For the rest of the wall I could just daisy chain grading objects together.



  1. How do you find grading objects? I have largely abandoned them due to instabilities.

  2. Brian

    I have been used grading for 5 or 6 years, with every release of the program grading seem to get more stable I am on 2012 at the moment about to upgrade to 2014 so hopefully the trend continues. I remember crashing 2008 with one featureline and a grading object.

    Also the more I've used grading the better may workflow has become and on most jobs now I do not have any issues with grading. On this job I do not recall the programming crashing however the limitations of grading in doing the wall was a bit frustrating as well the lack of improvements. The grading tools addon released in the labs looked interesting but seems to have dropped off the radar.

    That said I did have a job a couple of days ago that I had to rebuild in a fresh drawing by exploding the featurelines back to 3d polylines copying them across. The job was started by someone else so I was not sure what they had done to corrupt the drawing but auditing and recovering on the drawing did not pick up anything.


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