Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mapping Pipe XYZ now as easy as ABC

I have been doing a bit of research recently into the technologies available for the as built mapping of recently built and historic underground services. In relation particularly to Low Pressure and Small Diameter Gravity Sewers (design examples)laid to the ground surface contour by mole plough or similar techniques.
I come across this good presentation on the different types of mapping systems
and with a little more research found a specific system specification for a product out of Belgium which looks promising for the application I have in mind. 

Only problem Civil3d pipes does not deal with pipes as a 3D string format , polyline format. I have commented on this before and Autodesk should be addressing it sooner rather than later. Currently the piping tools of Civil3d cannot deal with modern construction materials and techniques.
In the near future I foresee modern technology removing the need to run pipes in straight lines between  structures as long as all segments of length dx within a pipe of length x achieve the minimum hydraulic requirements water will in fact flow down hill and achieve the required result at a cheaper cost.
See you in the future Mcfly.

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