Thursday, 28 April 2011

Civil3d Pipe Style with thick dashed line

Trying to find a tutorial that i think Matt ? or someone did on making a pipe style with a thick dashed line
no luck. I did find this one but
Still would like to find the other tutorial have you seen it on the net if so please paste the link in the comments below.


  1. To create the pipe style you are after,
    1. Create a new pipe style
    2. On the "Information" tab, give it a suitable name
    3. On the "Plan" tab, - in "Pipe wall sizes", select "Use part dimensions"
    - in "Pipe centerline options" select "Specify width" and choose "Draw to outer walls"
    - ensure "Clean up pipe to pipe connections" is ticked.
    4. On the "Display" tab, - select "Plan" from the "View Direct:" drop down.
    - set "Pipe Centreline" and "Outside Pipe Walls" to visible
    - set "Pipe Centreline" Linetype to "DASHED2" with a LT Scale of "0.5"
    - set "Outside Pipe Walls" Linetype to "Continuous"

    Modify the settings on the Profile and Section tabs and the Profile, Section and Model View Directions as required.

    This will create a pipe style that will display in plan view a continuous line down the outsides of the pipe and a dashed line down the centre that widens out to width the edge of the pipe width no matter the pipe size.

  2. Not sure that I know of any tutorials of that sort. I have used them in demos, webinars, and for AU. Andrew's comment is how I do it.

  3. Thanks guys

    Andrew pointed me in the right direction. I did not need the line to be the full pipe width just a 2mm thick line. You can choice line thickness as an option in the same location that Andrew mentioned.

    Justin Ralston


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