Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Method for Posting data to blogger with cut and paste short cut keys


Over the last four years I have written up and documented a lot of stuff on Civil3d in word documents for my own records. In the last few weeks and months I have been looking into the best way I can publish some of this stuff to the web on this blog. Ideally I wanted a free way to just cut and paste sections of my word documents directly onto the web in blogger. Two issues cropped up straight away
1. That in the blogger editor you have to stop and upload images of screen captures you wanted to paste into your blog you can not just paste them in with ctrl+v
2. That for some reason text copied from word put blank lines in between some lines.
To get around the first issue with a free solution I have downloaded and installed Windows Live Writer and installed the free addon Clipboard Live with this setup I can just ctrl+c copy in word and ctrl+v paste into Windows Live Writer and publish directly to blogger. Also I can easily adjust the size of the images with writers built in tools.
To overcome the second issue I had to understand that it was the pressing of the enter key at the end of an incomplete line to jump to a new line rather than shift+enter that inserts line break and not a paragraph break. So I have had to revise my writing process in word to type to the end of the line and have the text wrap by its self automatically or press shift+enter to jump to a new line. To update old documents you can use find and replace as discussed at this link swap paragraph breaks to line breaks http://word.mvps.org/FAQs/Formatting/CleanWebText.htm

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